…I should s-start answering some questions now. *sniff*

…We’re going to have to talk to Britain about this…;;

I’m not going let you steal my Kumajiro again, hoser.


((Awh thank you so much dear! c: ))

((Wanted to color but was forced off computer. I will color it and finish it tomorrow. Even though it is technically past Halloween I will have questions answered like this for a couple of post))

((The costume looked way better in my head. Sorry this is sorta late. ))

I think we all know which would win,eh… >:)



Finally I’m ready. Oh m-maple, I’m nervous….

((Weeoo Canada’s tumblr prom outfit~! Took forever. He kinda looks like a peppermint ;; ))

Oh wow Matt looks really awesome… I suddenly feel nervous like a combination of burgers and being hit by a train all at once. do I look okay? do I look as good as matt? do you see that earring? its sooooooo cute, wait did I just think cute? I-I meant hot, like totally solar hot. The sun is a mass of~♫ Wait Wait I can’t stare!!! gotta say somthing…..

H-hey Matt!! Lets take a pic together!

(( orz what fail art I apologize for everyones eyes ))

O-Oh okay, sure!